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Why Hypnotherapy?

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Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of relaxation which everyone is capable of achieving. 

The person’s attention is so focused while in this state that anything going on around them can be ignored. Emotions, though the cause may be consciously forgotten, remain in the subconscious levels of the mind and can produce conflicts; which can often cause problems such as Limiting Beliefs and maybe even health related.

By using hypnotherapy, those conflicts can often be released and eliminate the problem with proper guidance from a competent Consulting Hypnotist.

  • YES!  If they desire to allow a competent Consulting Hypnotist guide them to the appropriate state.
  • NO!    If they don’t want to be, they will not allow themselves to achieve the relaxed state.
You have the ability to hear, move, get up, and walk out the door during a session.  You are always in control.  If you choose, you can allow yourself to relax enough that you cannot consciously hear what is going on around you.  After the the session this deep relaxed state brings such a wonderful feeling of relaxation that you may carry with you for a day or so.
YES! Relaxation! The side effect that most clients leave with is a wonderful feeling of relaxation which is attainable when the client allows themselves to relax by following the guidance of a trained Consulting Hypnotist.
NO! Hypnosis is a relaxation, you are always in control.
NO! You are definitely not asleep, to an observer it may appear that you are because you are in a deep physical state of relaxation. You are completely awake and aware of your surroundings.


After sustaining a torn rotator cuff from an auto accident, I decided to be pro-active and use hypnotherapy as a means to heal faster. Much to my surprise I experienced no pain post-op/ same day and the days following. It was only because my wife insisted that I take 1 pain pill after getting home the day of surgery that I took anything for pain. However, I never had the need to take anything for pain later that day or any of the following day In addition, I was told that my physical therapy rehab plan would take about 3-4 months to complete including daily exercises at home. However, once again, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my physical therapists was shocked that based upon my progress it only took 3-4 WEEKS not months to complete. She commented that she never had anyone with rotator cuff recuperate so fast or with such great results. I gained range and motion in my shoulder unlike any other patient she ever worked with. If I ever have the need for surgery or one of my family members we will be sure to book an appointment with Karen beforehand!!! I can’t thank Karen enough for helping get me back to work sooner than anticipated while keeping me pain free the day of surgery and days following.

- TS


Karen, I love what you do!! Thank you for your support and help over the years :}

- KW5star


Karen is so gifted in relaxation hypnotherapy. I haven’t felt this much relief in years! I was kind of skeptical at first, but she made me feel so comfortable and answered every question I had! Don’t go see Karen if you want to stay stressed! 😉 She can help you quit smoking too

- MV


Karen is a professional, warm and compassionate person. She makes me feel comfortable in all of my sessions. A true confidant. I recommend her to everyone and anyone!

- AK


I have known Karen for over 18 years. She is a fabulous person. She has a wonderful gift with her hypnosis. She has helped not only me with my fears and anxieties of going back to school for nursing but she helped my daughter pass her driving test, my brother and many friends. It is the most relaxing experience I have ever had. It touches a deep part of my soul every time I meet with her… I can proudly say that not only did I concur my fears and became an RN but also continued and am a nurse practitioner. So if there is something holding you back from making your dreams come true make time to meet with Karen. Try hypnosis and Karen will be there to help you knock down the walls to making your life better and healthier. You will learn to get rid of all the negative thoughts that hold you back to being the best person you are meant to be! Take the first step and just call. I am the person I am today because of Karen. Forever blessed.

- Michele WHNP


KaMike Lindner is the Chief instructor and owner of Results Gym. He is a Strong First (SFG) Level II Instructor, Functional Movement Expert (FMS), and Certified Personal Trainer. Along with helping people become stronger and more athletic, he also helps people with varying movement pattern issues that might impede their results. Mike was also the 1st American accepted as a coach for The Amazing 12 Body Transformation Program in Ireland. Mike had to complete the above challenge to make this part of his dream come true. He had to lift half his body weight up one side and down the other. He was not able to complete the task until hypnosis, which he accomplished in 1 session. What a treat to know you have a small part in helping someone else’s dreams come true Because of Mikes able to make the change major things in his life are changing a well Mike just reported that he will be hosting the Amazing 12 Certification Program in his gym Results in St. Peters MO in August 2016.

- Congratulations Mike.


Because of Mikes able to make the change major things in his life are changing a well Mike just reported that he will be hosting the Amazing 12 Certification Program in his gym Results in St. Peters MO in August 2016. Congratulations Mike.


I went to see Karen too get some help to stop smoking. Was skeptical but wanted to try it. When I left I had no thoughts of ever smoking in my past and no thoughts of Smoking at all. It was such a good feeling that I wanted to tell everyone that smoked to do it. It was maybe four years later I started thinking about it and almost started up again but called Karen and she had me come in and we did it again and I have been fine since. I recommend it to people I have met all the time and tell them about Karen. She has been amazing to everyone I have sent to her. I will continue to recommend having her services to anyone that wants to quit this nasty habit.